Fairytale Cottage Plan Ideas

Beautiful Fairytale Cottage

Are you planning to make fairytale cottage? Normally when we think of our dream home, the typical fairy tale house comes to mind, with a beautiful entrance, a cozy architecture, made of wood and with many plants, trees and colorful flowers. The key to achieving this as a final result is, using the right materials can be wood, bricks or tiles for the facade. It is also important to choose the right colors, preferably warm or pastel, as well as take care of every detail of the entrance. Finally and as a fundamental requirement is to add the green touch, planting a tree, plants, flowers and keep the lawn in good condition.

Impressive this fairytale cottage that could be part of any of the stories of the Brothers Grimm. The brick seen, the slabs that rodent the house forming a corridor … Each detail gives a nuance to this space that seems charming. If the environment is in your favor, just add some features to the facade of your home to look as if it belonged to a true fairy tale.

A witch with pure comfort would inhabit this beautiful fairytale cottage. The solid wood, so simple and subtle detail, on the railing of the stairs, is what gives the note for the magical effect. But it is not only that, it is also the contrast of the masonry with the dark tiles. Not to mention the mosaics placed diagonally. The structure of the roof gives the fantasy frame to the whole house.