How To Decorate Cottage Bathroom

Cottage Bathroom Style

Cottage bathroom – Fashions come and go and, currently, there is a clear tendency to return to the old, to the old. It happens in fashion, in clothes, and also in decoration matters. Therefore, when decorating a bathroom, one option may be to decorate it in rustic style. That is, in a simple way, with noble materials such as wood, wrought iron or stone. This touch of the old will make your bathroom cozier.

To decorate a cottage bathroom it is important that we use noble materials, such as wood or stone. Wood helps create cozy environments, makes them warm; even so, it may be an inappropriate option for the walls or floor of the bathroom because it is a room where moisture will accumulate commonly. In the case of stone, it makes the environments authentic. If you use black stones, limestone, you will help create very rustic environments.

Choosing an old bathtub with legs and cast iron and placing it in the middle of the bathroom will help create a cottage bathroom. That’s what bathtubs were like in the past and their style is unmistakable. Do not put curtain or screen. If the bathroom space is large, choose a bathtub of this type as the main element of the bathroom.